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"U.S. Vet 1957 - 1966"

LW= laser welded    SIN= sintered    VB= vacuum brazed    cc= cured concrete

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Concrete Slab Calculator

 Core Bits
Core Bits
Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Saw Blade



segmented laser diamond bladecut steel and ductile bladesdiamond saw blade for hard bricklaser welded diamond bladeturbo diamond blade for concrete

DB-1 4" TO 10" SIN turbo Concrete, granite
DB-2 4" to 10" LW std segment Concrete
DB-3 4" to 14" SIN full turbo Concrete to granite
DB-4 4" to 14" LW value blade Various
DB-5 4" to 20" LW premium Various
DB-6 4" to 26" LW drop segment Concrete
DB-7 4" to 14" SIN extra thick core/seg turbo Brick, block, cc, limestone, bluestone.
DB-8 14" to 36" LW  Asphalt & asphalt over concrete
DB-9 12" to 24"  LW value Asphalt
DB-10 12" to 20" LW & SIN value Asphalt
DB-11 12" to 20" LW  Specialty
DB-12 10" to 16" LW fast cutting Extra hard brick
DB-13 7" to 20" LW "O" slot Masonry, cc, brick, block, quiet block.
DB-14 12" to 20" LW"U" slot Masonry
DB-15 12" to 20" LW combination Cuts it all.
DB-16 4" to 16" Carbide teeth


Removes grout

Tar/grout remover

DB-17 5" to 14" LW  "Green" early entry
DB-18 14" to 36" LW professional cc
DB-19 12" to 20" LW pattern dia blades cc
DB-20 12" to 16" SIN value cc.
DB-21 8" to 14" LW (2) blades cut 45 degree
DB-22 14" LW ring saw & roller wheels cc
DB-23 4" to 14" LW "V" shaped blade cc
DB-24 14" to 30"

24" to 36"

LW hydraulic hand saw

LW wall saw



DB-25 10" to 20"

10" to 16"



Masonry only

LW extremely hard material

DB-26 4" to 14" SIN full turbo value cc, brick
DB-27 12" to 14"

4" to 16"



Steel & ductile

"Cut all" blade including:  PVC, steel, cast iron, wood, ductile pipe.

DB-28 6" to 14" SIN Glass
DB-29 4" to 14" SIN full thin turbo, full seg J slot  Porcelain
DB-30 4" to 14" SIN continuous rim Porcelain
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Concrete Core Bits

Corebits for cutting concrete

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Recommended speeds:
 - for diamond core bits
  - for stone core bits


Diamond Core Bits





Custom built 36" Diameter X 36" Tall Core Bit.

Large custom core bit


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