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"U.S. Vet 1957 - 1966"

LW= laser welded    SIN= sintered    VB= vacuum brazed    cc= cured concrete
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 Core Bits
Core Bits
Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Saw Blade



Stone grinding padscut steel and ductile bladediamond blade for porcelain

SP-1 4" Polishing Pad Standard
SP-1 4" Polishing Pad Premium
SP-2 4" Polishing Pad Premium
SP-2 4" Polishing Pad Premium Dry
SP-3 4" Polishing Pad Premium Dry
SP-3 3", 4" & 5" Backer Pads
SP-4 4" & 5" Dry Polishing Pad, Premium 'Brick' Style
SP-5 14" to 24" Silent Pattern Diamond, Granite. Marble, Engineered Stone
SP-5 14", 16", 18" Silent Granite Bridge Saw Premium
SP-6 10" to 16" Granite, Quartzite, Extremely Hard Material
SP-6 12" & 14" Sintered Solid Core Value
SP-6 14" & 16" Silent Core Extremely Hard Material
SP-7 12", 14" & 16" "Crazy" Silent Core Value
SP-7 1" Finger Bits
SP-8 4" to 14" Continuous Rim Porcelain Premium
SP-8 3-3/8" to 8" Continuous Rim Porcelain Supreme
SP-8A 4" to 10" Continuous Turbo Teeth Up Side
SP-8A 4" to 14" Continuous Turbo Super Thin
SP-8B 4" to 7" Continuous Turbo Super Thin with Reinforced Center
SP-8B 4" to 12" Continuous Rim (Tile) "J Slot" Porcelain
SP-8C 4" to 14" Super Thin Turbo Tile Blade Porcelain
SP-8C 4" to 6" Continuous Rim Lapidary Blade
SP-9 3/16" to 3/4"  Non Coring Bits with 5/8-11
SP-9 3/16" to 3/4" Non Coring Bits with Shaft
SP-10 1" to 4" Turbo Stone Bits 5/8-11 Top
SP-10 1" to 4" Turbo Stone Bits 3/8" Shaft
SP-10A 1" to 2" Stone Core Bits 5/8-11 Top Value Plus
SP-10A 1" to 2" Stone Core Bits 3/8" Shaft Top Value Plus
SP-11 1-3/8" x 5/8-11 Stone Core Bits with Diamonds on Barrel
SP-11 1-3/8" & 1-1/2" Vacuum Brazed Core Bits with Shaft
SP-11 1" to 4" Retipping Stone Core Bits
SP-11A 4" to 12" Continuous Rim (Tile) "J Slot" Porcelain
SP-11A 4" to 14" Super Thin Turbo Tile Dry or Wet Porcelain
SP-12 . Segments, Silver Solder, Crowns, Turbo, Flux
SP-13 1/8" to 4" Electroplated Core Bits with Shaft
SP-14 2" Tolerance Wheel
SP-14 4", 4-1/2" & 5" Ring Cup Wheel Solid
SP-15 14" Electroplated Blades
SP-16 1/8" to 1/2" Glass Drill Bits
SP-16 4-1/2" Vacuum Brazed Cup Wheel
SP-17 . Router Bits
SP-17B . Router Bits
SP-17B . Hand Polishing Pads.
SP-18 . Round Over Wheels
SP-18 . 'V' Router Bit

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Concrete Core Bits

Corebits for cutting concrete

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Recommended speeds:
 - for diamond core bits
  - for stone core bits


Diamond Core Bits





Custom built 36" Diameter X 36" Tall Core Bit.

Large custom core bit


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